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General Dentist in Brooklyn

Having a beautiful smile not only indicates that you’re concerned about your smile, health and appearance, but it also makes you more appealing. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain your teeth’s health to keep your smile looking attractive.

Regular dental checkups are necessary, but if you take good care of your teeth, you’ll only need them briefly.

While genetics, environment, and age can impact your teeth’s strength, cosmetic dentist at Starrett City Dental can assist you in maintaining your smile’s radiance. A friendly smile can positively affect people’s perceptions of you, making them believe you’re pleasant and self-assured.

General Dentist

During a routine dental checkup, only external damage can be identified. In cases where a more in-depth examination is required, it is crucial to employ hardware-based diagnostic methods. One such method is dental X-ray, which is a radiation diagnostic procedure.

By producing an image that displays the condition of both soft and hard tissues, the structure of dental roots, filling size, position and shape, inflammation areas, and jaw bone density, Starrett City Dental specialists can develop a detailed action plan and select the appropriate treatment option. Additionally, the tonality of the color in the image can accurately diagnose tissue conditions, including whether they are healthy, have pathologies, tumors, or cysts, or are inflamed or necrotic.

Depending on the study’s objectives, experts choose the most appropriate type of the dental work or fluoroscopy.



Maintaining optimal dental health requires attention and personalized dental care often, as teeth can still become susceptible to damage even with a healthy diet and environment at dental home.

Tooth-filling procedures and dental implants have become increasingly popular due to their efficacy in addressing dental issues. Factors such as nutrition and ecology can contribute to the deterioration of enamel, which can be remedied through modern dental technologies. These technologies can restore bone tissue and protect damaged areas from further degradation, while appropriately selected filling materials can preserve teeth for years.

At Starrett City Dental, temporary fillers are installed in urgent or unscheduled cases. The clinic team’s dentists place the medication in the resulting cavity to alleviate pain and inflammation, prepare the area for further treatment, and install a permanent filling. The placement of a permanent filling is necessary for restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth, particularly in the anterior incisors.


At Starrett City Dental, root canal treatment is frequently performed to eliminate root infections, remove infected pulp and dentin, and shape the canal for subsequent filling dental cleaning. This procedure offers a means to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction.

The root canal system is a complex structure, and the dentist’s primary objective is to use specialized tools to treat the canals, disinfecting the entire canal system and then filling them with high-quality materials. The duration of treatment range from one hour visit to multiple visits. This depending on the extent of inflammation and neglect.

By following proper oral hygiene practices and scheduling regular preventive visits to the dentist, individuals may never have to undergo dental emergency root canal treatment in their lifetime.


If someone near you snores loudly and experiences brief periods of stopped breathing during sleep, they may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This condition lead to serious health problems if left untreated. At Starrett City Dental, patients with these symptoms can receive adequate treatment for sleep apnea.

Doctors at first recommend weight loss as the first step in treating sleep apnea, as excess fatty tissue in the larynx can narrow airways and exacerbate symptoms. Combining weight loss efforts with sleep apnea therapy reduce the severity of symptoms and improve breathing parameters.

Starrett City Dental office offers a range of treatment options to help patients achieve a good night’s sleep and improve their overall well-being. The clinic’s doctor team will determine each patient’s most appropriate treatment method during consultation and examination.


Nocturnal bruxism is commonly characterized by unconscious teeth grinding, usually during sleep, caused by clenching of the jaw and contraction of the masticatory muscles. It affects children and adults, particularly those with neuroses and other neurotic disorders.

To prevent damage to the teeth, gums, and jaw, mouthguards are recommended by Starrett City Dental experts. These plastic or silicone pads are placed over the upper or lower teeth to prevent them from grinding together and reducing the characteristic creaking sound that can disturb others. While mouthguards do not cure bruxism, they safeguard tooth tissues from abrasion, crowns, and dentures from premature wear and tear, periodontal tissue from damage and loosening of dental units, and joints and muscles from excessive tension and pressure. Mouthguards also prevent gum recession and head, neck, and shoulder pain.



Our General Dentist services include:

Going to the dentist causes stress for patients, especially children. However, Starrett City Dental provides a convenient and comfortable solution for families seeking dental care.

This facility offers various other dental care services, for patients of all ages and situations, with access to multiple specialists and X-ray facilities all in one place. Family dentists have a broader range of knowledge and can examine and treat patients of all ages, including children.

Regular orthodontic evaluations during childhood are essential, and the practice at Starrett City Dental can take dental insurance to provide them, which may not be available at other dental clinics.


It is recommended that dental care for children is tailored to meet their individual needs. Not only must general dentists and the therapist treat children’s teeth with professional expertise, but they must also do so in a way that minimizes unpleasant sensations and maintains the child and family’s interest in the treatment results. Specialists at Starrett City Dental office are skilled at helping children overcome fear of the dentist and putting parents at ease.

Pediatric dentistry combines dentistry and pediatrics, focusing the practice laser dentistry on preventing, diagnosing, and treating teeth, oral mucosa, and dentition in children and adolescents.

Additionally, the baby and child’s mother can receive a dental consultation during a preventive examination.



As individuals age, they can often cope with the various complexities that come with it, except for tooth loss. This significantly reduce the patient’ quality of life and exacerbate health problems, including depression.

The progression of chronic diseases that are commonly associated with aging can also have an impact on overall oral health and vice versa. Infections or inflammations in the mouth can harm an individual’s health, leading to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and even cancer.

Fortunately, proper oral care and regular dentist visits can help avoid dental problems in old age. Gum disease and tooth decay can be effectively treated even in older patients.

Doctors at Starrett City Dental provide procedures focusing on the unique needs of older patients. In addition to general dentistry services, our clinic offers prosthetics, implants and dental implant oration services, and our X-ray room helps reduce the patient’ need for hospital visits.



Despite advancements in modern dentistry, first dental office visits still induce anxiety in many patients. Although the probability of unpleasant sensations during a dental procedure is minimal, specific individuals experience heightened stress hormones and adrenaline levels before their appointment.

To alleviate anxiety, Starrett City Dental employs sedation as a viable option for patients, especially when treating root canal inflammation or performing complex tooth extractions.

While sedation decreases pain sensitivity, it does not eliminate it as patients remain conscious and able to follow the dentist’s instructions while being aware of their surroundings. Therefore in dental emergencies, local anesthesia is typically administered in conjunction with sedation.

It’s important to note that anesthesia is essential for patients with teeth damage beyond the enamel level.



The primary cause of dental issues is suboptimal or inconsistent oral hygiene. Proper care of teeth is an essential principle every good dentist always emphasizes, with neglectful patients being reminded of them.

Failure to brush and rinse the mouth after eating, hurried brushing, or rough treatment of dental surfaces from all angles leads to the formation and accumulation of plaque on teeth, between them, and under the gums. As a result, plaque, caries, periodontitis, and periodontal disease develop, necessitating high-quality professional teeth cleaning as soon as possible.

Determining whether professional teeth cleaning is needed is relatively straightforward. A visual examination of the teeth is required. Professional teeth cleaning at Starrett City Dental is necessary if they have a yellowish tint, brown spots, reddened or bleeding gums, and an unpleasant mouth odor.


Children who lack essential hygienic skills are particularly susceptible to significant tooth tissue damage caused by caries. Soft plaque, which consists of bacteria, polysaccharides, and food debris, is the primary cause of caries. The duration of time that plaque stays on the tooth’s surface is directly related to the probability of caries development. Chewing teeth are challenging to clean because of the narrowness and depth of the grooves that cover their surface.

Starrett City Dental offers dental sealant installation to prevent caries in children aged four years and older, which is an effective method. Sealants can be installed once the tooth’s chewing surface has fully erupted. Adults undergo the same installation process as children.

When the dental sealant is applied to the tooth’s grooves, the chewing surface will have a more precise contour and become smooth and flat, with no recesses. This makes plaque removal much easier, and the likelihood of caries development is significantly reduced. Before the installation of dental sealants, it is recommended to consult a dentist.