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Family Dentistry in Brooklyn NYC

The practice of family dentistry has become increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. Many individuals experience fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist, but when patients attend appointments with their loved ones, they can offer each other moral support. Additionally, older family members can be positive role models for younger ones by displaying a calm and fearless demeanor. Going to the dentist as a family can also be a great way to spend quality time together, especially in today’s busy world where families have limited free time. Therefore, it makes sense to prioritize dental treatment as a group.

Dental care for people of all ages→

Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth by nature. Despite taking all the necessary measures, such as following dental care tips, leading a healthy lifestyle, and eating a balanced diet, one may still face issues with their teeth. To prevent such problems or minimize them to isolated cases, it is important to focus on prevention, regular monitoring, and control. Starrett City Dental is a clinic that caters to patients of all ages and offers a wide range of services.

From oral care advice to curing neglected teeth, their specialists are always ready to help. By choosing Starrett City Dental, patients can receive all the necessary treatments in one place, eliminating the need to visit multiple centers. The clinic’s professionals provide expert assistance, ensuring children and parents feel at ease during their visits.

Instead of going to multiple clinics and seeing different doctors, choosing a well-equipped clinic with a trustworthy professional who can handle all your dental needs is much better. By doing this, the doctor will know your dental history and be able to make informed decisions about treatment based on your unique dental characteristics, drug tolerance, and other essential factors. At Starrett City Dental, patients have access to a team of dental experts who can perform a range of treatments, including dental surgery, bite correction, and aesthetic procedures. This is especially convenient for families with multiple members needing dental care.

Pediatric dentistry →

At Starrett City Dental, we have pediatric dentists who take care of the dental health of even the family’s youngest members. It is important to start caring for your teeth from the moment they appear and throughout your life. Strong and healthy milk teeth are crucial for developing strong permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentistry at Starrett City Dental focuses on strengthening babies’ teeth from a very early age and delaying the onset of tooth decay for as long as possible. Our doctors often identify the early stages of tooth decay during childhood and adolescence. Children are taught the importance of dental care and proper bite formation at this stage. Many children also have malocclusion, which requires timely and competent professional intervention.

Our specialists who work with children are highly qualified and experienced. They can communicate with children effectively. We also have child psychologists on staff who know how to build a trusting relationship with children.

We also offer qualified help to pregnant women. Our doctors consider their condition and prescribe safe procedures and medications for the unborn child. We also provide advice on dental care during pregnancy and develop a treatment plan that considers the female body’s characteristics during this period.

Providing dental care for elderly patients →

Elderly patients will also be able to solve dental problems in the Starrett City Dental because often, despite careful care, teeth still deteriorate, and gum disease develops, leading to tooth loss and a deterioration in the quality of life.

The absence of teeth undoubtedly ages a person, significantly reduces his attractiveness, and impairs speech quality, but it is not an unsolvable problem. Removable dentures, implants, crowns, and bridges will help restore normal dental function. Starrett City Dental will make high-quality prosthetics of any complexity. Specialists will competently select the most optimal option for prostheses, which will not cause discomfort to the patient and will have a reasonable cost.

Now you do not need to be on time in several places simultaneously because treatment, examination, and other procedures can be carried out in one place for both children and adults.

Visiting the dentist twice yearly for a timely preventive examination would be best. This is recommended for any age and will help keep your teeth healthy and save money because treating neglected diseases is much more expensive.


The formation of teeth is influenced by heredity, which affects the structure of the jaw, susceptibility to certain pathologies, reactions to medications, and the presence of allergies. When family members visit the same clinic, sharing information about the condition of their teeth and any relevant features can assist the doctor in selecting the appropriate treatment plan for children.

Starrett City Dental’s Family Dentistry offers bite correction and dentition alignment services through orthodontists. These services are for children, adolescents, and adults who need to correct defects in their teeth. Orthodontists can install braces, aligners, or mouthguards tailored to the patient’s characteristics and age, ensuring the most effective alignment and bite correction.