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Seniors Dentistry in Brooklyn NYC

How to look beautiful and well-groomed at 60 and after? A beautiful smile with white teeth plays an important role. Starrett City Dental offers a variety of dental care, prevention, and oral health services for older people. Respectful age requires special care and attention to the teeth.

Dental and oral health affects the quality of life – from the daily ability to eat, speak and communicate to the prevention of pain and discomfort. There is a link between oral health and various diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Treatment and prevention of oral diseases in the elderly are also important for improving well-being and health. Good habits, a sensible diet, and regular visits to your dentist will help you maintain a lifetime of oral health, including natural teeth, implants, and dentures.

Starrett City Dental specialists provide a range of dental services. We pay special attention to treating the pathology of dentition in older adults. Over time, demineralization of dental units occurs. They lose their former strength. In addition, the presence of concomitant chronic somatic diseases, inevitable in old age, only exacerbates the situation.

Problems in older people →

The most common problem among seniors is tooth loss. This is due to the demineralization of the teeth, a violation of the state of the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth. The prolonged absence of teeth disturbs the dentition configuration and deformation of the jaws and face.

Such patients develop speech defects and disorders by chewing or swallowing food. These serious complications significantly reduce the quality of life of elderly patients. To avoid such problems, prosthetics are indicated.

In addition, gum disease can occur in this category of patients when bacterial agents enter the thickness of the gums, causing inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth surfaces. This pathology is manifested by bleeding gums, bad breath, and mobility of dental units up to their complete loss. Also, poor gum health negatively affects the course of other diseases, such as diabetes and conditions of the cardiovascular system. In the absence of correct and timely treatment, purulent complications may develop.

Patients of older age groups are particularly susceptible to the problem of caries since they often have concomitant pathologies of the dentition and take some medications that affect the state of the enamel. Carious tooth damage in old age, especially in diabetes mellitus, threatens the development of purulent-inflammatory complications from nearby tissues and organs.

Older people are more prone to fungal diseases of the oral cavity – candidiasis. This is especially true for patients with partial or complete dentures and diabetes. The condition can be aggravated by overeating sweet foods, taking antibacterial agents and hormonal drugs.

Age over 60 is a risk factor for developing oncological oral cavity and lips pathologies. The risk of developing such diseases is much higher in patients with bad habits, with constant trauma to the mucous membrane, for example, prostheses, and in people exposed to direct sunlight.

That is why pensioners should undergo regular preventive examinations at the dentist.

Dentists for older people →

In old age, patients most often face the problem of tooth loss. Then there is a need for prosthetics. Prosthetics are prescribed for dental issues if missing teeth do not contribute to high-quality food intake or cause psychological complexes in the elderly – fear of smiling and communicating.

Starrett City Dental offers several types of denture services. There are removable and non-removable dentures. Removable dentures are nylon, lamellar, and acetal on locks and clasps. There are also services for the establishment of partially removable dentures.

Fixed prosthetics involve the establishment of single dental crowns and bridges. There are also inlay prosthetics and bridges. Dental crowns today are installed with zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide or metal-ceramic, etc.

Among removable dentures, the most popular today are plastic and nylon. Experts say removable plastic dentures are considered one of the best ways to restore a beautiful smile. Dentures can be used for three to five years. Among the shortcomings, one can name their insufficient fixation – which some patients complain about.

The main advantages of removable dentures are ease of removal from the oral cavity, comfort of cleaning them with a toothbrush and water, high quality and durability of dentures, and a long period of use. They are used when implants are contraindicated.

Fixed prostheses – surgeons install implants. The procedure is costly. But if there is a financial opportunity and need, it is worth resorting to this dental treatment method. A qualified, experienced doctor should warn about the possible rejection of implants. But in medical practice, there were cases when patients installed them, even at 80, and they took root quite well.

Among the advantages of implants is the ability to restore lost teeth; they do not injure natural teeth, give patients a beautiful smile and improve their quality of life. You can eat whatever you want with them and smile with all your teeth.

Starrett City Dental provides a wide range of services to older adults. Here, dental services are as accessible and comfortable as possible for patients. Qualified dentists with many years of experience are ready to help even in the most difficult case.