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Restorative Dentistry in Brooklyn NYC

A bright and open smile is difficult to miss, but all teeth must look beautiful, healthy, and aesthetically attractive. A small part of Starrett City Dental patients can boast of a perfect smile, while the rest often feel discomfort and depression from numerous problems in the front teeth and posterior jaws.

Some information about Restorative Dentistry →

Aesthetic or artistic restoration of teeth is a cosmetic procedure in dentistry to correct the anatomical shape and other visual defects of teeth with composite photopolymer materials to improve their appearance and condition.

Restoration of teeth is the restoration of aesthetics and the resumption of functionality. The procedure is performed directly, that is, now in the mouth, without implantation or the manufacture of prostheses in the laboratory. For restoration, composite materials are used, which are quite durable and aesthetically attractive.

Almost any tooth could be restored if a diseased tooth was removed earlier. Moreover, the procedure is available to everyone in a wide price range. Starrett City Dental Clinic offers a wide range of affordable and effective dental restorations.

Teeth restoration is most often applied to the front rows in the smile zone since the teeth in this area are visible to others. As a result, existing problems cause embarrassment during communication, associated with internal discomfort. Depending on the degree of the clinical picture, the identified defects are corrected in one visit to the Starrett City Dental dentist.

The restorative dentistry procedure allows you to return to the teeth of patients not only the aesthetics and physical properties but also the functionality when chewing food. Introducing the latest developments in dentistry and using modern technical equipment allow Starrett City Dental specialists to create and create a miracle that does not leave anyone indifferent, restoring confidence and ease of communication with others.

Restoration of anterior teeth with veneers→

Quite often, patients turn to Starrett City Dental with a request to install ceramic veneers to restore the aesthetics of their front teeth. Often the reason is the desire to imitate idols on TV screens, where everyone can observe the perfect dentition and a snow-white smile.

But still, in most cases, the motivation is the desire to correct a variety of dental defects – darkening of the enamel, crowding, or the formation of gaps between the teeth. Porcelain veneers in such situations make it possible to eliminate the listed problems in the shortest possible time with a fairly simple installation, after which patients become owners of a new, bright, and beautiful smile with the correct bite.

In addition, this type of restoration is durable and strong in comparison with similar methods of repair using other materials and techniques

When the aesthetics of the teeth are in question →

Numerous factors can cause a patient’s teeth’ unsatisfactory condition and aesthetics, from poor heredity to mechanical damage and poor oral hygiene. In such situations, the attending dentist, after examination, determines the most optimal treatment option and voices it at the consultation.

However, the expected result can often only be achieved with prior dental manipulations based on the indications of orthodontic treatment. This is often observed with malocclusion when it is formed due to severely destroyed or completely missing teeth.

Correction of the bite is necessary to preserve the results of the art restoration since incorrect positioning of the teeth or incorrect closing of the jaws can lead to incorrect loading on their areas and to the destruction of artificial orthodontic structures in the oral cavity during chewing food or communication.

To prevent these problems, patients should listen to their doctor’s advice. Otherwise, the treatment option will show it’s short-term and ineffectiveness over time.

During aesthetic restorations in patients at Starrett City Dental, specialists use advanced materials and modern equipment that allows both conventional cosmetic procedures and the installation of the most complex orthodontic and orthopedic structures in the oral cavity.

Stages of dental restoration →

The first stage is preparation. It is important to remove the tissues affected by caries completely, prepare the bottom of the tooth cavity and process the edges of the enamel. With correctly performed manipulations, the multiplication of bacteria under the filling and further caries damage are excluded.

The second stage is the isolation of the dentin. Manipulation is carried out with deep caries when the deep dentin layers are affected — a special gasket installed before the pulp will protect it from heat or burns.

The third stage is applying an adhesive material that will ensure reliable bonding of the composite with the prepared tooth surface. The filling material is laid in layers in the cavity only after that. Each layer is exposed to the radiation of a photopolymer lamp, making it strong and hard.

In the end, the shape is necessarily adjusted depending on the characteristics of the bite. And then sanded and polished.

The layering technique provides strength and wear resistance: this is important when working with molars, which, while performing a chewing function, are subjected to daily stress.

Artistic restoration, as a direct method of restoring teeth, allows you to model the anatomical structure in one visit, which is of no small importance for busy business people.